7 Simple Ways To Use Essential Oils

6 Jul

7 simple ways to use essential oils

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years in various cultures for medicinal and health purposes. Essential oil uses range from aromatherapy, household cleaning products, personal beauty care and natural medicine treatments.

The particles in essential oils come from distilling or extracting the different parts of plants, including the flowers, leaves, bark, roots, resin and peels. In ancient times, Jews and Egyptians made essential oils by soaking the plants in oil and then filtering the oil through a linen bag.

Essential oil benefits come from their antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. These healing oils are rapidly growing in popularity because they act as natural medicine without any side effects. Ready to harness the power of the world’s most proven therapeutic compounds? Then let’s talk about 7 simple ways to use these amazing essential oils.

Simple But Awesome Ways to Use Your Favorite Essential Oils


1. Add a few drops of essential oils into the diffuser to create the aroma mist.

2. Add a few drops of essential oils onto cotton pads and place them inside your pillow to help better sleep.

3. Mix a few drops and water into sprayer to spray aroma mist.

4. Apply to the skin –  mix 1 or 2 drops of essential oil with 10ml carrier oil.

5. Add a few drops into bath and relax with delicate aroma.

6. Use these essential oils to make aroma candle, diffuser necklace and bath salt.

7. Add  a few drops of essential oils onto cotton pads and place them inside artificial flower pot. It gives beautiful decoration and fragrance effect to the place.

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Essential Oil Uses For Cleaning & Home

essential oils home cleaning


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