5 Signs Your Himalayan Salt Lamp is a Fake!

17 Dec


Himalayan Salt Lamps – What are the Benefits?

Miners who work deep below the earth’s surface in the Himalayan Salt mines rarely suffer from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory ailments. This is because they spend their days in an environment saturated with negative ions, which Himalayan Salt releases naturally.

The air we breathe every day is filled with negative and positive ions and, in order to maintain a healthy living atmosphere, these negative and positive ions must remain in balance.

Unfortunately, many of the conveniences of modern life, such as our electronic devices and heating and cooling systems, produce an abundance of positive ions which throw the air we breathe completely out of balance.

That, in turn, can contribute to the development of allergies, asthma, stress, insomnia and other sleep disorders, sinus and migraine headaches, and a host of other health problems for many individuals. [1]

5 Signs Your Himalayan Salt Lamp is a Fake!

It is so sad to realize that so many people are buying a fake Himalayan Salt lamp these days. Today I would love to share this great article about how to figure out your Himalayan Salt lamp is genuine or not.

#1 – It’s White And Cost Next To Nothing

White Himalayan salt is not easy to come across than the pink variety. As such, genuine white Himalayan salt lamps (like this one) tend to cost several times as much. Expect to pay upwards of $50 online.

What do you get for that price jump? Well, in addition to rarity, white Himalayan salt lamps are also the preferred variety for detoxification and healing.

#2 – It’s Super Heavy… Yet It Emits Light Well

Once a genuine Himalayan salt lamp exceeds about 20 pounds, it’ll no longer emit light in a uniform pattern. That’s just the nature of genuine Himalayan salt.

If you’ve got a big honkin’ lamp that seems to light up your entire bedroom, that’s a good sign it’s made of something other than real salt.

#3 – It’s Indestructible

Himalayan salt lamps – especially the white variety – tend to be fragile.

So if you’ve dropped yours, or the shipping box has arrived with significant signs of damage, yet the lamp itself still looks good as new, it’s probably not 100% genuine.

#4 – The Lamp Handles Moisture Well

Genuine Himalayan salt manufacturers recommend that their products be placed in a cool, dry area. That’s because the salt will absorb any moisture around it and begin to shrink.

You can test your lamp by taking a damp cloth and gently rubbing the lamp. The part of the cloth you’ve rubbed should have noticeable discoloration and the lamp should look like it’s “weeping.”

If those two things don’t happen? It’s time to dig up that receipt.

#5 – Nothing Changes

All of your life’s problems are not going to be solved by a Himalayan salt lamp. But after a couple weeks of using one in your home, you should notice a few things, including:

  • Reduced allergy or asthma symptoms
  • Increased energy levels
  • Better sleep
  • Improved depression
  • Reduced stress
  • Miners of Himalayan salt are among the happiest people in the world. If you’ve had a fake lamp with no results after a few weeks, it could be mixed with toxins like fluoride – an unfortunately common occurrence.

Looking for a genuine salt lamp? Here’s a popular, best-selling model.


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