How to Naturally Balance Your Hormones with Essential Oils

10 Feb

Naturally Balance Your Hormones with Essential oilsFeeling bloated, irritable, or just not your best? A hormone imbalance could be to blame. Hormones are chemical “messengers” that impact the way your cells and organs function. It’s normal for your levels to shift at different times of your life, such as before and during your period or a pregnancy, or during menopause. But some medications and health issues can cause them to go up or down, too.

In today’s video Dr.Josh Axe is going to speak about exactly how essential oils could naturally balance your hormonal levels. He will discuss particular oils that can benefit progesterone balance, estrogen balance, thyroid concerns, and naturally boost low testosterone.

The 3 main essential oils he will cover in this video are Clary Sage,Thyme oil, as well as Sandalwood oil

The most significant benefit of Clary sage essential oil is that It helps balancing estrogen level in your body.  Thyme essential oil assists health benefits the body by producing even more progesterone, which aids balance out your body’s hormonal levels.

Lastly, sandalwood oil assists balancing the testosterone levels in both males and females.

How to Naturally Balance Your Hormones with Essential Oils



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