Top 7 Benefits Of Clove Essential Oil And How To Use Clove Oil Effectively

7 Dec

Clove Oil Benefits & UsesToday, I would love to share the article written by Dr. Axe – “Clove Oil Uses and Benefits”. In this article, you will be able to discover all the benefits you can get from clove essential oils and amazing findings from the scientific study of clove essential oils.

Top 7 Benefits of Clove Essential Oil

There are so many benefits you can get from clove essential oils. here are Top 7 benefits of clove essential oils.

  1. Eliminates acne
  2. Kills parasites
  3. Improves blood circulation
  4. Reduces gum disease
  5. Boosts energy
  6. Natural anti-inflammatory
  7. Kills mold and fungus

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How To Use Clove Essential Oils Effectively

Although it has been suspected for centuries to treat inflammatory conditions, the Journal of Immunotoxicology just recently published the first ever study proving that the eugenol in clove oil is indeed a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Showing that low doses of eugenol can protect the liver against disease, it was also observed that eugenol reverses inflammation and cellular oxidation (which causes aging). It was also observed that taking large doses internally could harm the digestive lining and externally can irritate sensitive skin

Because of it’s strength, clove oil should be mixed with a carrier oil like coconut oil or other gentle oils for most topical applications and only used for short periods of up to two weeks internally.

In addition to being a proven anti-inflammatory, clove oil is commonly used as an antiseptic for oral infections and as a broad-spectrum antimicrobial to keep countless diseases at bay.

If you want to harness the benefits of clove oil, consider diffusing it in your home to clean the air, put it on gums around an aching tooth, put it in homemade personal care products like deodorant, cleaner and toothpaste, or if you are exposed to people with a cold or flu, mix it with coconut oil and rub it on your neck and chest for natural antioxidant protection.

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